On this site you will see several references to how our decals are made being called NxtEVO2, or in simpler terms, meaning “Next Evolution 2.0” which is our own proprietary high resolution, UV stable inking and laminating technology developed at our print labs in Germany!

All decals at Pinball Decals.eu are made with NxtEVO2 Process.

A proprietary printing technology designed specifically to deliver the best quality of colors and finish on cast vinyl for arcade machine cabinets, giving a high gloss finish!

The thinner self adhesive vinyls will allow for minor wood grain texture to display through the graphics, in order to achieve a look more like the original direct screen printed cabinets. Or, fill and sand your cabinet to a smooth surface and these decals will look as smooth as glass.

This level of versatility can not be achieved with any other cabinet side art or flipper product on the market.

Can be applied wet or dry your cabinet, and always best to use heat from a hot air gun or hair dryer to make the adhesive permanent. Crinkles and creases also magically disappear when heat is used with this product.

“Simply the best choice for hobby restorers all over the world!”

The vinyl is a high strength, industrial grade material intended for long term outdoor use (your pinball will never be outdoors). Originally designed for use on Aircraft, Trucks and wall signage, the resistance to the effects of UV and sunlight is unlike any others on the market. Colors stay strong for years to come, and when used indoors

The strength and quality of this vinyl mean they will not crease or crinkle like many others, and is tear resistant. A product developed directly in Europe by Pinball Decals.eu for pinball owners and hobby restorers!

Grey Backed Blockout Vinyl

Forget Discolored Artwork

Many restores have found that discolored or dirty cabinets can have an affect on the finished artwork. Even base color paints or black around the edges can been seen through lower quality cabinet decals.

The grey backed “blockout” vinyl we use provides a solid base color which prevents discoloration of the cabinet wood, stains, or paint from showing through the graphics.

It’s now easier than ever to restore your flipper pinball cabinet with new side art, thanks to advances in technology and quality materials.

Storing Your Cabinet Decals for Future Use

If you don’t need to install your new side art straight away, then the correct way to store them is rolled up and kept in the tube. Vinyl material comes new on a roll and this is the best way to keep them rather than storing “flat”.

This particular material features a shelf life guaranteed for 10 years when stored correctly, but when you need to use your new pinball cabinet decals, simply lay them out flat the day before you intend to use them and you will find fitting and installation much easier.

Felt edge squeegee vinyl decal applicator tool with microfiber towel

Fitting New Decals Is Easy

You don’t need to be a pro restorer! Correct installation procedure can be accomplished with the use of a felt edge squeegee or a microfiber towel. No advanced tools are necessary, and the messy methods of installing decals “wet” with water are not required for a perfect finish.

Leave newly installed cabinet decals to dry and settle for 7 days before reassembly, or speed up this process and permanently adhere your side art with the use of a hot air gun. Our vinyl will not burn, and your flipper is safe, so go over them with plenty of heat and the glue will set within only 24 hours!