Cirqus Voltaire – Glass Protector Cover

Protect your pinball glass and shield the playfield from sunlight and dust with our Cirqus Voltaire protector cover mat. Fits perfectly the size of the game for playfield cover with high definition print. Allow 5-7 days for manufacture of your order before shipping.


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The Cirqus Voltaire Glass Protector is a cover or matt which fits perfectly over the playfield glass area on your pinball cabinet.

With artwork based on the playfield style of the game, a glass protector offers a solution to shield pinball games from the harmful effects of sunlight and UV rays which can fade colors on the playfield, while simultaneously providing a pleasing appearance to enhance the machine’s look when not in use.

Made from synthetic non-slip PVC based material, the cover also offers the ideal working mat when adjusting and repairing your game. The texture is smooth with a slight rubber feel and water resistant so is convenient and easy to wipe clean which means it does not need be washed like regular fabric materials.

This is a product developed directly in Europe by Pinball Decals EU for flipper enthusiasts who want to protect and care for their Cirqus Voltaire flipper game!

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 102 × 56 × 0.3 cm
Game Name

Cirqus Voltaire


Synthetic PVC non-slip Mat


Original Playfield Glass

Game Type

Arcade Pinball



Print Technology


Pieces in Set


Shelf Life

20 years

Color Guarantee

10 years Exterior